A fresh and modern take on attorney-provided planning.

Nido Planning LLC occupies a unique place in the world of legal services. We have created a process to address the confusion and overwhelm that often prevents people from getting started on, or following through with, estate planning. We have broken down each major aspect of a comprehensive estate plan into a self-contained, goal-oriented module. These in-person sessions can be completed according to your own timing, priorities, and budget.


The NEST: Foundational Workshops

Modules 1-4 provide the foundational elements of your plan, and can be done in any order. Through these modules, we put in place the structures and supports to help prevent a tragedy from becoming a crisis. The workshops also help clarify your purposes and values so you can live them now — and they can live on into the future.

Each attorney-led workshop provides: a complete understanding of the relevant legal and practical tools, guidance on decision-making, one-on-one legal advice, and execution of your customized documents. Importantly, we also provide you with the time, space, and assistance to accomplish those aspects that attorneys typically require clients to complete on their own.

We may accommodate up to three individuals/couples in each workshop. Having more hearts and minds in the room will help you encounter new ways of seeing an issue, find answers to questions you didn’t know to ask, and feel in community with others engaged in the same work. Let’s have fun learning, exploring, and growing together!

The EGGS: Private Will and Trust Planning

Once the foundational modules are completed, your attorney will work with you one-on-one to create a customized plan for how your assets will be handled after you are gone. By this time, you will have clarity not only on what you have to pass on, but also on the values to be reflected in the legal structures. We will work to give your legacy purpose and direction. Importantly, this will support you in pursuing happiness and fulfilment in life, while helping you to make a lasting impact after you are gone. This is done in private consultation due to the tailored nature of the plan and the sensitive nature of the issues to be addressed.


With each module, you will leave with a sense accomplishment. You will have in hand everything you need to achieve that module’s goal — executed and fully legal. And, because we provide more guidance and understanding through our sessions than people typically receive during the estate planning process, you will know that what you have is right for your unique situation and objectives. Whether you complete one module with us or all five, you will feel a deeper level of peace for having done so.