Nido Planning was created for you. Yes, you!


Nido, or nest, signifies your unique place in the world

It is who you are, the life you have created, and everything you hold dear. This is what estate planning is all about — at its most beautiful, it supports and honors you, helps your loved ones flourish, and makes a positive impact on your community.

Maybe you have heard of estate planning, but aren’t really sure if it would benefit you. Maybe planning is perennially on your to-do list, but either time or motivation is lacking. Maybe you are ready to plan, but are unsure how to go about it or where to begin. Maybe you have started the process, but became overwhelmed and never finished. Maybe you created some legal documents yourself online, but doubt whether you did it right.

To all of you, welcome

At Nido Planning LLC, we are dedicated to breaking down the barriers you face. We are on a mission to bring attorney-provided estate planning to everyone in or near Denver, Colorado by making it accessible, meaningful, and even fun! Let us take the pressure off. We can do this together, step by step.


So much more than legal documents.


The purpose of estate planning is not to generate legal documents, it is to make life better. At Nido Planning LLC, we focus on outcomes. We will have a menu of 5 modular services, each providing solutions to real issues before they become real problems. And, we make addressing these issues relevant to your here and now, improving your life today as well as in the future.

Parents helping baby walk as she gazes up at them.

1 - Protection for Children

Guardianship Planning

This module is for those with children in their care, and it addresses the question: What would happen to them if something happened to you? You pour your heart and soul into being a parent, and this includes the important task of planning for your child’s care if/when you cannot be there. You will leave this workshop with a customized plan and the resources to ensure that it will be deployed in a crisis.

Tray with colorful flowers, coffee, and food.

2 - Caring for Yourself


This module is for anyone over the age of 18, and it addresses the question: What would happen if you had a medical emergency and could not advocate for yourself? You take so many measures for your own health and wellbeing, planning for your future medical and personal care is a vital piece of your self-care. You will leave this workshop with a customized plan that is consistent with your values and beliefs.

Overhead view of hands working at shared tabletop workspace.

3 - Managing Your Assets


This module is for anyone over the age of 18, and it addresses the question: What would happen to your financial and digital life if you could not manage it yourself? You have a plethora of assets and accounts across a variety of platforms. We help you organize, plan, and delegate to minimize loss and headaches for those you love, should anything happen to you.

Close-up of artist’s smudged hands holding colorful pastels.

4 - Defining Your Impact

LEGACY & END-OF-Life Planning

This module is for anyone over the age of 18, and it addresses the question: How do you want to be known, honored, and remembered after you are gone? Your life has profound meaning that should have an impact. You will leave this workshop with a customized plan to capture your impact and provide peace those you love, even if you have to say goodbye.

Two people side-by-side, their hands forming a heart.

5 - Leaving Your Mark

Will & Trust Planning

This module is for anyone who has completed Modules 1-4 (or Modules 2-4 if you are not a parent or guardian), and answers the question: What is the best way to pass on the tangible fruits of your time and labor, as well as the gifts that you have received? No matter your level of assets, you want to direct them to support human flourishing and make a positive difference. We will work with you one-on-one to leave a legacy of love through a will or trust(s), while helping to minimize conflict and waste.

The Nido Manifesto.

  • We recognize that life is short, beautiful, and meaningful — even when messy and tragic. It is a miracle that we can all be together at this moment, spinning through space on a ball of rock. We seek to honor that miracle.

  • We know that each person has inherent worth and dignity, which is not reflective of their worldly goods or the body they inhabit. Everyone has a story to tell and an impact to make. We help people do both.

  • We believe that every person has power to shape the future. Estate planning is one mechanism for wielding that power, which should be available to everyone rather than reserved for the privileged few. We extend an invitation to all who have not yet been invited to use these tools.

  • We feel that attorneys should provide legal services in ways that align with the realities of modern life. They should have the courage to innovate and try new ways of doing things to better serve clients. We imagine a world in which professional legal planning is a standard part of life rather than something exceptional.