Clutched hands of a man sitting on a waiting room chair.

Medical Emergency Planning

2-Hour Workshop · $300

What would happen if you had a medical emergency and could not advocate for yourself, either temporarily or permanently? Who would make decisions about your care? Would that person have the right information? What principles would guide those decisions? Would they align with your wishes? Would there be conflict or a court battle over who decides or what to do? Many people simply hope that nothing will happen to them, when they really need plan for their future medical and personal care. What often comes to mind — a “living will” — is not enough.

Recognizing how difficult it is to face the possibility of your own illness or injury, this workshop will walk you through each element of your plan. You will leave with the necessary legal documents and practical pieces to support seamless and compassionate care, as well as peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. The workshop will also clarify your beliefs and values surrounding your health and wellbeing, so you can live them more fully right now.

All of our in-person, attorney-led workshops will be able to accommodate up to three families, while incorporating private legal advice. The price includes a participation by a single adult or committed couple.