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Will & Trust Planning

Private counsel · Plans Starting at $800

What will happen with your money and property after you are gone? Who will handle them? Where will they go? How can they best help the people you love and the causes you support? How can you minimize conflict and waste? Will the court have a role? No matter their amount, your assets come from your precious time and labor or from the generous gifts of others, and you want to direct them to make a positive difference. We can help you leave a legacy of love and abundance through a will or trust.

Once the prerequisite foundational modules are completed, your attorney will work with you one-on-one to create a customized plan for your legacy. By this time, you will have absolute clarity not only on what you have to pass on, but also on the values to be reflected in the legal structures. You can make your impact personal to you, while empowering future generations to achieve their own legacies.

The process begins with a one-hour, no-charge strategy session. In this session, you will learn what would happen if you do nothing, your options for changing that default, and the value of doing so (if any). This will give you the confidence to decide what is right for you, based on your goals, circumstances, and budget. Once you have made your selections from a fixed-price menu, your attorney will work to bring your plan to life. A second one-hour session will give you the opportunity to finalize the plan and execute the legal documents.