Deskt with computer cluttered with papers, pens, electronics, and other items.

Financial & Digital Asset Management

2-HOUR Workshop · $300

What would happen to your financial and digital life if you could not manage it yourself? Who would take over for you? How would they know what you have? How would they access your accounts, assets, social media, and intellectual property (including photos and writings) across a variety of platforms? How difficult would it be to find and make sense of everything? Would anything be lost? Would anything private be found? The standard approach — appointing a designee and keeping a password list — is not enough.

This workshop will take you through a step-by-step approach for the organization and management of your financial and digital assets so you will be prepared should anything happen to you. The goal is to minimize chaos, loss, and time-consuming headaches. The workshop will also help you become absolutely clear on what you have, so you will be able to make better decisions for using your resources during life, as well as supporting the people and causes you care about after your death.

All of our in-person, attorney-led workshops will be able to accommodate up to three families, while incorporating private legal advice. The price includes a participation by a single adult or committed couple.