View of a woman’s back as she stands in a green forest with light shining through the trees.

End-of-Life & Legacy Planning

2-Hour workshop · $300

What will happen when you must say goodbye to the world, because of a devastating accident, a terminal diagnosis, natural aging, or something else? What will happen to your body? How will your death be announced and how will your life be celebrated? Who will decide? Will there be anything left unsaid or done? How will you pass on the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual legacy you have built? Birth and death are the only two guarantees in life, yet in our culture we tend to look away from the process of dying rather than face and embrace it.

Making a plan for your death is an incredible gift to yourself and your loved ones. It will give you peace and dignity, while providing significant comfort to those you leave behind. This workshop will walk you through each element of your plan, providing you with the legal and practical pieces for a good death. The workshop will also help clarify your life goals and desired impacts, so you can align yourself to those purposes right now. Your legacy is your life story, and we can help you write it.

All of our in-person, attorney-led workshops will be able to accommodate up to three families, while incorporating private legal advice. The price includes a participation by a single adult or committed couple.