Young boy and his little sister looking out a window of their home onto a snowy scene.

Guardianship Planning

2-Hour workshop · $300

What would happen to the children in your care if you could not come home to them, either temporarily or permanently? Would they be placed in foster care, even for a short time while things are sorted out? Would there be a court battle over who would have them? Would they end up in a loving home? Would they be raised according to your values? Many parents simply assume or hope that everything will just work out, when they really need a comprehensive plan to protect their children both physically and emotionally. The traditional “plan” — a long-term guardianship designation in a will — is not enough.

Recognizing how difficult it is to face the possibility of being absent from your child’s life for any period of time, this workshop will walk you through each element of your plan. You will leave with all of the necessary legal documents and practical pieces to implement the plan if the unthinkable happens, as well as the reassurance that you are doing the very best for your family. The workshop will also clarify your parenting approach and aspirations, helping you to become a better and more present parent right now. This could be one of the most important things you do for your family.

All of our in-person, attorney-led workshops will be able to accommodate up to three families, while incorporating private legal advice. The price includes a participation by a single adult or a couple sharing parenting responsibilities.