Privacy Policy

Please read the following privacy policy carefully. For the purpose of this policy, “personal information” is data that can identify you. It is usually your name in combination with another identifier, such as date of birth, physical address, email address, telephone number, or government-issued identification number.

Personal Information Collected. When you contact Nido Planning, LLC, we collect personal information to facilitate communications and assist us in answering your questions. If you become a prospective client (by scheduling a session) or a client (by signing a written engagement and fee agreement), we collect additional information to pave the way for providing competent service. We also maintain records of information obtained and generated in the course of the relationship, including communications, documents and information submitted to us by the client or third parties, attorney impressions and opinions, and elements of the client’s estate plan that we have created. Such matter information will vary depending on the service and your legal needs.

Use of Personal Information. If you submit personal information to Nido Planning, LLC, we will retain the information in secure database(s) and use it to communicate with you, complete submitted requests, administer the law firm, provide you with services, and assess your degree of satisfication with those services.

Protection of Personal Information. We maintain a variety of physical, electronic, and administrative security measures to protect personal information in our possession. However, as no system is completely secure, we cannot promise (and you should not expect), that your information will never be disclosed in violation of this privacy policy.

Confidentiality. Our Code of Professional Conduct requires us to keep client information confidential, in furtherance of a relationship of honesty and trust. We also respect the privacy of potential clients. We therefore will not disclose your information, except under the following conditions.

  • Required disclosures. Legal professionals are required to disclose personal information in situations involving child or elder abuse, or the intent to commit a crime. In addition, we may release your information if we believe it is reasonably necessary to comply with the law or legal process.

  • Permitted disclosures. We necessarily have a support structure behind our services, and therefore may disclose information as needed to operate the law firm and complete the work you have hired us to do. This includes disclosure to employees or contractors, as well as third-party service providers (such as companies or digital applications that help us execute our business processes). These trusted individuals or providers will likewise keep your information confidential and will not independently use, distribute, or sell it. We may also release your information to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security, or technical issues or to protect our business, clients, or users. You have the right to request us not to make these disclosures, but doing so will require you to forego our services.

  • Consented disclosures. You may grant us special permission to share your information with others. Examples of such situations include:

    • You may wish us to provide information to third-party professionals who can assist us in serving you. This might include coordination with your other professional advisors, such as your financial advisor or life insurance agent, or it might include someone with whom you do not have a professional relationship, such as an accountant to assist us with navigating tax issues or an appraiser to help value your assets.

    • You may wish us to provide information to your designated agent under power of attorney, to assist them in effectuating your goals or acting in your best interest.

    • You may allow us to use your full name in testimonials about our services, which reveals the attorney-client relationship as well as any details about the representation that you may choose to share.

  • Other circumstances. Certain information may be revealed under the following other circumstances.

    • All card payments are processed by credit card processors in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and no credit card or payment account numbers are stored on our devices or in files that we maintain (we do not use servers). However, use of a credit or debit card to pay for legal services can involve the disclosure of some confidential information. For example, records and statements may include the name of our business and a general description of the nature of the product or service, thus having the potential to reveal the attorney-client relationship. To help protect your privacy, we may use a shortened designation or a general identifier and will attempt to keep any description as generic as possible (e.g., “services and expenses”). In the event of a heightened need for confidentiality, a card should not be used for payment.

    • Some of our services combine a group workshop with private counsel. The group setting necessarily reveals the attorney-client relationship, as well as the content of your contributions to group discussions (if any), to other participants. Your participation constitutes your consent to this fact. To preserve your confidentiality and privilege protections with respect to private or sensitive information, you should reveal such information only while speaking one-on-one with the attorney.

    • Any communication sent to us by email may be intercepted by third parties, who may be under no obligation to keep the communication confidential. Before sending confidential information, contact us to arrange suitable means to protect it.

    • As part of a business transfer, merger, or divestiture of all or a part of Nido Planning, LLC, we may sell, transfer, or disclose your information. If another individual or entity acquires this business or its assets, the acquiring party may possess the information collected by us and will assume the related rights and obligations with respect to that information. Your information may also be transferred as a business asset in the event of an insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership.

Privilege Protections. Attorney-client privilege protections prohibit us from releasing any private communications between you and one of our attorneys, except as provided by law. However, you can always request the release of such information to anyone you designate.

Communications from Us. If you sign up for general communications from Nido Planning, LLC, you agree to receive: announcements; information on events, programs, and services that might be of interest to you; discussion of the legal or practical aspects of estate planning; and reminders concerning aspects of your plan that may need attention. You may opt out of these general communications at any time; we may still need to send you communications related to our provision of services.

Website and Email. We may automatically gather information when you visit the Nido Planning, LLC website, such as your browser type, your domain, the unique ID assigned to your device, the date and time of your visits, the pages you view, and other information related to your visit, our marketing efforts, or our provision of services. In addition, mail messages from us may contain trackable links to website content. If you prefer not to be tracked in this way, you should not click such links in our email messages. Please see our Website Terms and Policies for more details.

Third-Party Sites. Nido Planning, LLC may be connected with or have a presence on third-party sites through links, posts, and accounts (e.g., social media accounts that we maintain). Your interaction with these sites is governed by their own terms of use and privacy policies, over which we have no control or responsibility. You are solely responisble for your use of these sites. If you choose to post content to social media, please be aware that information will be transferred to those sites in accordance with your elections.