Service Terms & Policies

Please read the following terms and policies governing our services carefully.

Licensing Status. This office and its attorney(s) are licensed to practice law only in Colorado. We do not seek to represent anyone in any other jurisdiction.  

Formation of Attorney-Client Relationship. Registration and information-gathering in advance of each session is for the convenient and efficient administration of our program. Your registration and submission of information does not form an attorney-client relationship with Nido Planning, LLC or any of its attorneys. Legal representation will begin only after signing a written an engagement and fee agreement during the session, following our conflict-of-interest check and a specific discussion with you concerning the terms of the representation.

Terms of Payment. It is our policy to collect payment as earned, and therefore no portion of your fee will be held in trust absent an express agreement with you otherwise.

  • For our foundational workshops (Modules 1-4), $100 will be due upon registration to reserve your spot in our program and mobilize our resources in preparation for your participation. The balance will be charged upon completion of the workshop.

  • For our will and trust planning (Module 5), no funds will be collected in advance of the initial session. The agreed-upon fee will be paid according to a schedule of milestones. Generally, this will be 20% for plan design (the initial session), 60% upon delivery of your draft plan, and 20% upon execution of your documents (the final session).

Please note that if you use a debit or credit card for payment, the Nido Planning, LLC name may not appear on your statement; we may use a shortened or general designation for your privacy. For more details, see our Privacy Policy. If you have any concerns, please note the date(s) and amount(s) and contact us to verify the charge(s).

Rescheduling and Canceling. Please call us if you need to reschedule or cancel, as we cannot accommodate online changes. We are happy to reschedule at no additional charge and any amount paid will be applied to the session attended. If you decide to cancel without rescheduling or moving forward, it is not our policy to issue refunds of amounts paid (see our Terms of Payment directly above, concerning payment as earned).

Group Services. By design, our foundational workshops (Modules 1-4) can accommodate up to four individuals/couples in a session. The group setting has many benefits, we work hard to create a safe and private atmosphere, and we always uphold our confidentiality obligations. However, participating in group services necessarily reveals to other participants that you are a client of Nido Planning, LLC, as well as the content of your contributions to group discussions (if any). You should disclose private or sensitive information only while speaking one-on-one with the attorney, to preserve your confidentiality and attorney-client privilege protections with respect to that information. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.  

Your Responsibilities. While we provide a high level of personal service, effective representation in estate planning places a certain level of responsibility on the individual. Specifically, you must provide us with the necessary personal information and you must make the necessary decisions so we can competently build your plan. The Nido Planning, LLC approach makes this as painless as possible by breaking the planning down into digestible pieces and by taking you through a process of guided decision-making. However, to a certain extent, your success depends on you.

  • First, upon registration for a module, you will receive notification of the information you will need to gather and/or provide in advance. Your preparatory work must be completed by midnight on the Thursday before the session to allow us sufficient time to ensure successful completion of the module. If we do not receive it by this time, we will contact you to reschedule.

  • Second, during the session, we work hard to help you make tough choices. However, if you choose not to finalize your decisions, we cannot uphold our promise that you will leave with your executed legal documents. We are always happy to help you figure out strategies to overcome any challenges you face in completing the process.

Accommodations. Everyone has a right to estate planning services, and we strive to make Nido Planning, LLC inclusive and accessible to all. If you face any barriers to participation or have a disability requiring accommodation, we will work with you to ensure your full participation. For more information, please see our statement on Inclusion & Accessibility.

Copyright. All content created by Nido Planning, LLC is proprietary and copyrighted property of Nido Planning, LLC. This includes but is not limited to: website content and marketing materials; workshop and session materials, documents, and packages; logos, designs, and graphics; and the overall “look and feel” of our content. You may copy and print Nido Planning, LLC content only for your own informational and personal use. Any other use without the prior written permission of Nido Planning, LLC is strictly prohibited.